Lillipad Squat Toilet Platform

about the Lillipad

The Lillipad range has been designed and constructed for functionality, strength, stability, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

All Lillipads are made in small batches in New Zealand. We use the best quality 12 mm and 17 mm thick plywood sourced from New Zealand’s sustainably grown Radiata Pine timber plantations.

The adjustable Lillipad below allows the choice of tall or short height settings
380 mm (15 in.) high and 320 mm (12 ¾ in.) high. The plywood feet store conveniently under the footpads when not in use. The screws for the removable feet can be tightened and removed with a + shaped screw driver.


All Lillipad products are coated with deep penetrating ‘Rustins’ danish wood oil (more of a varnish than an oil). The finish is toy and food safe; water, mildew, and urine resistant. The footpads and step have a naturally slip resistant surface when dry. The finish stands up to chemical cleaners and after years of service can be finely sanded and retouched with any good wood oil, or painted any colour (more info at the end of FAQ page).

Designed to fit wall-mounted and free-standing toilets worldwide, and weighing just over two kilos, the Lillipad Squatting Platform is very portable and can be easily be removed for cleaning or relocation.

The Lillipad Squatting Platforms require simple assembly (you may need to borrow a + shaped screwdriver).


The Lillipad will comfortably support 120 kg/264 lb. The footpads are situated within the bounds of the feet — good design — enabling you to balance your weight on one footpad without it tipping — it is very stable. In the photo I’m carrying 40 kg of concrete and I’m 90 kg, a total of 130 kg/286 pounds.

Please note the Step does not facilitate the full squatting position, if you are looking to take the next step to the squat position then you will require a Lillipad Squatting Platform. The Lillipad Squatting Platform is durable, functional, and attractive, our reviews page is full of quotes from very happy customers, it is not, however, a made-to-measure solution for your particular squatting posture or your toilet’s location and shape. For a made-to-measure solution we recommend the DIY plans available on this website.

“Just wanted to let you know, I received the lillipad a couple of weeks ago.  Just wanted to tell you that it works perfectly.  The instructions to put it together were very easy to follow and it fits perfectly around our toilet.  It is very comfortable to use.  I might need to purchase another one for our other toilet. Thank you!” Natalie, (Texas)

The Lillipad Step is made from the same 12 mm and 17 mm plywood and wood oils mentioned above, and is based on the same stable design principles as the Lillipad Squatting Platform — but comes fully assembled.

Please note — the Step does not facilitate the full squatting position.

The Lillipad Step is suitable for people who wish to raise their feet and lean forward into a squatlike position. It also provides a step up for children around the bathroom, and something for their feet to push against if they sit on the toilet.

lillipad-step-toilet-squatLillipad -stepLillipad-step-balance
The Lillipad Step

The Lillipad Step is 203 mm (8 in.) tall, 395 mm (15.5 in.) long, and 165 mm (6.5 in.) wide.
It holds 170 kg (374 pounds), is very stable, easy to clean, and useful throughout your home.

While all the Lillipad models are in place the toilet can still be used in the sitting position, they also introduce the healthy and hygienic concept of squatting to others.