Lillipad Squat Toilet Platform


United States: short or tall $169, adjustable $189 shipping inclusive* Buy 2 save $20

Australia: short or tall $169, adjustable $189 shipping inclusive** Buy 2 save $20

Canada: short or tall $189, adjustable $209 shipping inclusive* Buy 2 save $20

Europe: short or tall €129, adjustable €144 shipping inclusive* Buy 2 save €15

United Kingdom: short or tall £105, adjustable £117 shipping inclusive* Buy 2 save £12

Singapore: short or tall $209, adjustable $229 shipping inclusive* Buy 2 save $20

New Zealand: short or tall $179, adjustable $199 shipping inclusive# Buy 2 save $20

* 4-10 working days delivery
** 3-6 working days delivery
# 1-3 working days delivery

Savings are for shipping to the same address.

Fill in and send the form on the contact page and we will email you payment details.

To ensure the Lillipad fits your toilet please read the
‘will the Lillipad fit?’ page.

Payment is by credit/debit card or
eCheck via the PayPal secure server. NZ customers can pay using internet banking or cheque.

Please note ― sales tax (GST, MwSt, VAT) for purchases to Canada, Europe and the UK will be collected by the Post Office on arrival.

The Lillipads require simple assembly (you may need to borrow a + shaped ‘Phillips’ screw driver)

If you would like a price for a country not listed or you have any other enquiries please contact us here.

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As a result of hygiene issues, a refund or exchange is only available for the Lillipad if it has a structural fault. This must be brought to our attention within 30 days of receiving the Lillipad.

If the Lillipad goes missing or is damaged in transit there is insurance cover for a replacement (there is a tracking number on the parcel).

If the Lillipad is returned unopened and in original condition, we will deduct our shipping and handling expenses and make a prompt refund.

This warranty does not affect New Zealanders’ rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act (NZ) or the Fair Trading Act (NZ).

New Zealand’s legal jurisdiction applies to the transaction.

We recommend people practice the squat position before they purchase, and are prepared to give squatting on the Lillipad a few weeks to get used to. The video on this website shows how to easily get on and off the Lillipad.

To improve our already personal level of service please let us know first if you have any concerns.

Privacy Policy
Lillipad Limited respects your privacy. We will only retain the information you volunteer when you place an order.

We do not share this information with anyone else.

Our payment method is via PayPal, an online payment service which uses the latest anti-fraud technology, we never see your bank or credit card numbers.

Legal Disclaimer
People prone to dizziness or loss of balance should hold onto a secure handle or chair placed in front of the toilet when using the Lillipad.

The Lillipad is not guaranteed to prevent or cure any particular ailment. Information in this website should not be a substitute for qualified medical advice.

Tall and short Lillipads


Sitting on a potty or toilet with your feet up is not squatting, judge for yourself from the photos.
Squatting is a graceful yoga pose, studied for its health benefits.

Adjustable Lillipad

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