Lillipad Squat Toilet Platform

Squat on the loo, it's good for you!
The natural squatting posture — the healthy way we evolved to go!

Infants instinctively squat to poop and urinate, as do the majority of the world's population.

The Lillipad squatting platform facilitates the complete squat position we adopt as infants. The rim of the toilet can be used in conjunction with the Lillipad to raise the heels slightly and facilitate a narrower squat.


The step of the Lillipad provides access for children and facilitates a ‘feet up’ posture for the less flexible in the family. While the Lillipad or the build–your–own squatting platform are in place, the toilet can still be used in the sitting position.

To ensure comfort the footpads on all models are adjustable, slope slightly forward and tilt towards each other. To ensure a good fit the footpads allow width adjustments, the Lillipad is available in two standard heights and our latest model features height adjustment.

The Lillipad and the build–your–own squatting platform (for sale as plans) are far more comfortable and stable options than simply perching on the rim of a toilet. They also introduce the healthy and hygienic concept of squatting to others.

Read what our customers say or click on the video tab above to see how to step onto the Lillipad.

Tall and short Lillipads

Adjustable Lillipad

Of the few platforms offered, I think yours is the most pleasing to look at and also the most practical. It's working out real well. No more bothersome hemorrhoids! - E.S; (California)

My wife loves it. Says best Xmas present ever!
Norman, (USA)