To ensure a great fit, the Lillipad Squatting Platform has adjustable footpads, and is available in 330 mm (13 in.) and 380 mm (15 in.) heights.

The Lillipad is designed to sit level with or lower than the rim of the toilet (see photos below). The footpads slope forward, and tilt slightly towards each other for comfort.

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The short Lillipad is 330 mm (13 in.) high, 555 mm (21¾ in.) wide, and 282 mm (11
in.) deep.

The tall Lillipad is 380 mm (15 in.) high, 575 mm (22¾ in.) wide, and 285 mm (11¼ in.) deep.

The height adjustable Lillipad has two height settings 380 mm (15 in.) high and 330 mm (13 in.) high.

To order the best Lillipad for your toilet — lift the toilet seat and measure from floor level to the porcelain rim of the toilet.

If the measurement is greater than 330 mm (13 in.) but less than 380 mm (15 in.) choose the short Lillipad.

If the measurement is greater than or equal to 380 mm (15 in.) choose the tall Lillipad.

If the measurement is greater than or equal to 430 mm (17 in.) choose the taller height adjustable Lillipad.

We recommend one of the height adjustable Lillipads — for more squatting options, if you shift house often, or are buying for a friend.

A tall Lillipad will work on a short toilet and a short Lillipad will work on tall toilet, but it is best to have the footpads close to and below the rim of the toilet.

The Lillipad is in position in the photo below, note the footpads don’t span the widest part of the toilet, rather back 125 mm (5 in.) from the front. The inside gap between the ‘heels’ of the footpads on the Lillipad can be easily adjusted from 315 mm (12
in.) to 375 mm (14¾ in.)


In the photo above the Lillipad is in the correct position but it just fits the space around the toilet.
The wall in front of the toilet should be no closer than 300 mm (12 in.), and the wall to the side of the toilet no closer than 100 mm (4 in.).
Make sure the floor is flat and even where the Lillipad will sit. Check that the bathroom door won’t swing open and hit it when it is in position. If so you may need to keep it up on a shelf or out of the way when not in use.

If the distance from the floor to the top of the rim of the bowl is 15 inches (380 mm), on the border between short and tall, are there other considerations in choosing the short or tall Lillipad?
If you already squat on the rim of the toilet and have no problems aiming to urinate then I would suggest the tall — you will be able to position your heels closer together with your feet flatter using the rim of the toilet. Some women will find it a bit easier to aim when urinating on the shorter model as they are positioned lower to the bowl. In this situation we recommend a height adjustable Lillipad.


The shorter adjustable height Lillipad in position with a “Tushy” brand bidet.

The Lillipad looks great. I'll probably switch to a wooden toilet seat just for the looks. Anyway, the profile of the Lillipad worked perfect with a bidet, as you can see in the pic. Not sure if you could use that with your marketing, but it's a very nice feature of the slim profile of the Lillipad. Craftsmanship was also top notch! I do some woodworking myself and was very impressed with the quality and ease of assembly.  Very happy with the product. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into designing and marketing this. Looking forward to many years of use. 
Matt, (USA)


A tall Lillipad around a “Zempire portacamp 20ltr “ camping toilet.

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The taller adjustable Lillipad fits this 430 mm (17 in.) high toilet with adjustable feet off or on, providing more squatting options. The toilet with the seat up is 355 mm or (14 in.) wide.


If your toilet has a frontal protrusion (as in the photo), then the Lillipad won’t fit well. For this unusual shaped toilet we recommend customising the squatting platform available in the plans.


The Lillipad footstool tucks away when not in use. It is 203 mm (8 in.) tall, 395 mm (15.5 in.) wide, and 165 mm (6.5 in.) deep.


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