This video will show you how to step onto the Lillipad.

This video will show you how to assemble the Lillipad. Clear instructions, glue, dowels and screws all come in the box - you may need to borrow a + shaped screwdriver : )

An unboxing and review of the Lillipad and the squat position by Jerry Liu (squatting champion!) - a great watch : )

A video in German featuring how to use the Lillipad.
“tief squatten, richtig kacken - Die tiefe hocke und der Stuhlgang” by Dirk Beckmann

Produced by DigitalMimbar, this 2014 video ‘Sitting toilets pose a danger to health’ graphically explains the inner workings of the elimination process.

Directed by Daniel Hsia and made in 2002, this humorous video will show you what a true squat position looks like.

“The Poo Speech” by Julian Baker, a Bowen technique and Bowen therapy practitioner

This article dated Nov 2017 is convincing

This site (by Jonathan Isbit, tireless champion for the squat position and the creator of the Natures Platform, is an excellent place to find out more about the benefits of the squat position.

Ramblings of an evolutionary-minded future physician.

This article dated Aug 2010 is great!

An article on the benefits of squatting to urinate.

This is fantastic reading for those of you wanting to read an unbiased ‘thread’ on the subject of squatting on the toilet.

“Squatting toilets may be best”.

Wikipedia — of course!

The aid agency we volunteered with.


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