I have already bought a tall Lillipad back in 2017, I could only say that I am more than satisfied with the tool. Therefore, I decided to buy one for a relative of mine :)
Basel, (Germany 2022)

I was able to assemble it after some troubleshooting and I am using it daily.
I must say you have shown excellent craftsmanship and ingenuity.
The product doesn't need any advertisement and it speaks for itself.
I am using it daily and have better colon health due to it.
Although the price is on the higher side for asian countries as usually in the same price range you can buy beds or sofas here but worth every penny as it's impossible to get such craftsmanship here.
Shashi, (India)

I wanted to give you reviews of my Lillipad which I bought in 2016 after arriving in Australia. I was not comfortable with sitting model of toilets and kept looking online for something to squat like Indian toilets. I found Lillipad as a boon. I was so happy that all my stress went away. It’s really good for constipation. Guys you all are doing a great job. I would really like to thank you. This is the best. I have been using it since 2016 and am very happy with it.
Anu, (Australia 2021)

So happy with the Lillipad, it's a fantastic product. My bladder issues have improved significantly and very quickly, with no more straining to feel like I'm finished. I got the tall model and I'd like to purchase a second one for my other bathroom.
Elrendar, (USA)

Just got my Lillipad in the mail today. Wow! What a piece of craftsmanship: smooth edges, countersunk screw holes, beautiful natural finish. I am not so sure I want to put this in my bathroom or a display shelf. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous.
The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The only tool I needed was a screwdriver; a simple tool in everyone's toolbox. I know a certain Swedish company that could take a few pointers from you. Thank you for a beautiful product.
Nicole, (USA)

Craftsmanship was also top notch! I do some woodworking myself and was very impressed with the quality and ease of assembly. Very happy with the product. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into designing and marketing this. Looking forward to many years of use. 
Matt, (USA)

Thank you for this beautiful creation and the easy-to-follow instructions!
Louis, (Texas)

My Lillipad arrived here in the UK today.
It was a joy to assemble, clear instructions and beautifully made. A nicely designed and made product, so credit to your business. I spent 2 wonderful years in NZ in a monastery just outside Wellington and have many happy memories of my time in such a beautiful country. I am very happy to have purchased the Lillipad.
Steve, (UK)

Sometimes my heels are fully on the footpads and sometimes on the bowl rim. I'm very happy with the Lillipad.
That said, squatting is still taking some getting used to, it's definitely not instantly comfortable. But it definitely is instantly workable and by design it's "welcoming" and I don't use the bathroom for a reading room anymore. It's a great tool for physical health and for higher consciousness too, in my humble opinion.
Evelyna, (Alaska)

Yes, the Lillipad transformed our lives. As we used to squat on the toilet in India it was always hard for me to sit instead of squat. Now, I use Lillipad every day. 
Even more importantly, my daughter (10yrs old) is into the habit of squatting daily on the toilet which is very good.
Raj, (Aust)

I ordered the short one 4 years ago for myself, and it's still in perfect condition. After 3 years of telling my brother about this, he has finally given in, due to his pain. I finally persuaded him!
Simon, (UK)

looking forward to trying your platform out, what a brilliant idea. I've been meaning to buy or make a squat platform for a long time, finally doing it. Had an old foot stool I used to use, but as you point out this simply is not the true squat posture, only halfway there…
(four months later)
Just thought I'd follow up with a quick note of my progress with the Lillipad. As you suggested, you really need to give it some time to get adjusted. The first 4-5 weeks for me were difficult: I am not a yoga type person; I'm quite overweight and sedentary, not to mention stiff joints in my old age. Getting 'mounted' on the platform was very difficult at first, and I could not get comfortable enough to relax and comfortably eliminate. But I kept at it, even mounting the 'pad for a pee so as to keep stretching my calve muscles and hip joints. Now, in early August I am quite accustomed to getting on the 'pad and actually feeling relaxed in the proper position (instead of hip joint strain). It's really good :-) I feel so much better, like a purification of sorts has happened.
It's kind of funny to think about it, but as in so many other aspects and ways, the so-called 'western way' leaves one feeling a bit full of shite–and your Lillipad is one way to make us feel a little bit better inside, by going back to traditional ways :-D
Steve, (Czech Republic)

Its looking great.  Surprisingly enough, the assembly was a breeze.  Couldn’t seem to follow the instructions properly but managed to assemble by looking at the picture. Thanks
PS Reminds me of Nepal / India.
Rahul, (Aust)

Received and assembled your product.
Tried using it for a couple days. A little bit of an adjustment. Seems to be working well. Thank you again!
Dhidhat, (Thailand)

I just wanted to let you know that the Lillipad arrived last week - much quicker delivery than I expected - and it's up and operational. It was very easy to put together - the instructions were really clear, so thank you very much.
Tiletha, (Australia)

I received my Lillipad about 2 weeks ago, I found it very easy to adopt and I am very happy with it!
It's a really nice tool and I love it. I just wanted to let you know that I'm a very happy customer. I've recommended it to all my relatives, as I'm sure they'd love it too.
Freddy, (UK)

Hi, just a quick email to say thanks for my lillipad! It was quite easy for me to adjust to because I squat with a flat foot naturally. I'm trying to convert my friend now :)
But it's awesome! Thanks!
Steph, (Australia)

Just a quick follow up to say thanks for a great product. Easy to assemble, well designed and built and FANTASTIC to use! :-)
Mike, (Holistic sports - Wales)

I've been using this baby for about a year..I don't get a lot of exercise - but nature calls a few times a day and my legs; ankles and knees especially, are in better shape then they've possibly EVER been! (ok, they were pretty good when I was 12, 63 almost now!!)
I don't think I’m exaggerating when I say this is the best money I've ever spent on anything..Don't mess around with the "other" squatting devices...THIS is the real deal...AMAZING!!! AND A WORK OF ART!! The construction is brilliant!
Mike, (US)

I purchased my first Lillipad nearly a year ago after much research into the benefits of squatting. I'm a woman in my late 60's in fair shape and relatively limber, so squatting wasn't too much of an issue with me. I cannot squat flat footed so resting my heels higher on the rim and using the foot pads to support my toes works just right and is very stable, leaving both hands free with no need to hold on to anything.
The Lillipad is amazingly stable. Its low profile makes one think it will tip easily. It doesn't. You can quite literally mount it and stand on one pad and it will not tip. Also, due to its unique design, it takes up very little space--a huge plus! It takes a while to work out the proper mounting technique for yourself, but after a few months it's second nature, as the process strengthens and limbers your legs and hips. One other tidbit of advice I might have for its use is that it's so much easier to disrobe from the waist down. Once I got my mind around that idea I was home free. I use the Lillipad for all toileting, every time, even at night with no lights. The full squat also allows easy access for cleaning yourself. Something I'm sure most people haven't given a thought to who've never squatted. When I have to use a toilet other than at my home, I feel positively hampered.
Molly, (US)

Thank you for changing my life. If nothing else, you reached another human and made their life better. What more in life can one want, but to help one's fellow man? Thank you all for your hard work. I am spreading word far and wide, here in the States.
Jake, (US)

The Lillipad is a huge success at our place!
I wanted to provide some feedback for you because your service and product deserve some real praise.
Great packaging and instructions. With the glue included, the construction was a breeze and I took great pride in putting it together because I could sense the care and effort that went into this product and its delivery. 
Using the Lillipad is easier than I thought it would be. I find having my heels part way on the toilet bowl works best. The most notable part of the experience is how really good I feel after using it. I feel really empty and lighter! 
All in all, ten out of ten. Thank you very much, I wish you a million more sales, and I will be spreading the word. 
Daniel, (Australia)

I feel indebted to you for my own sake and for the rest of us Westerners, in particular, for you having created this important piece of adaptive furniture! When I spent nine weeks in India studying yoga in 1989, I very much appreciated those holes in the floor with foot pads on either side to step on. Sincerely – and a deep Namaste bow to you all,
Elaine, (US)

I was having real problems with my bowels, I have diverticulosis and a prolapsed bowel. I was having bowel movements at least 3 or 4 times a day and passing a small amount of fluid that stained my underwear, also a small amount of fresh blood. Well I purchased a book called Happiness is a Regular Complete Bowel Motion and that is where I got the idea to look on line for the Lillipad. I have been using the Lillipad since August (5 months) and now most days I have a complete regular bowel motion, no more stained underwear, it is absolutely amazing. i still prefer to pass urine sitting.
Pam, (NZ)

Just wanted to leave some feedback re. your wonderful business.
The response time to my order was awesome.
The package arrived beautifully packed, speedy, safe and undamaged. The instructions were clear and helpful.
Now in situ, it looks great. Not weird or off-putting in the bathroom. Craftsmanship and care makes it a quality product, whilst keeping an attractive element of ‘natural/not over-produced’.
I watched the video on-line re. getting on and off the Lillipad, which was very helpful and reassuring.
Body feels good after using it for only a short time – a matter of weeks, and I feel that my flexibility and lower back strength might increase with regular use.
So – overall: thanks for awesome, wonderful, creative, sensible product. 11/10 for you guys.
Kind regards, Eleanor J, (NZ)

We've had one of your Lillipads for a good few years now (since 2007) and it's still going strong. Several times others in our family have commented on it and thought they'd like one. We have sent them the link in the past, but you know how you never get round to looking up things... especially toilet related! So now we've decided to just get them one each!
Rachel, (Australia)

I have bought 2 Lillipads and given one to my daughter. They are perfect, and I really admire the care, craftsmanship and aesthetic.
Sarah, (US)

Just wanted to write to say that my guests from India have been here for a week already, and the "eiffel tower Lillipad" has been a sturdy success.
Thanks so much for your help on this - truly amazing and thoughtful customer service. With appreciation,
Eleanor, (US)

After having 3 haemorrhoids banded and dealing with a severe anal fissure I began researching squatting. I went through 2 other squatting apparatuses before I found the Lillipad. I bought the tall Lillipad even though my toilet height is only 14 3/4 inches tall. I am flexible so I didn't think it would be a problem and it isn't. I have been using the Lillipad for 3 months and am extremely pleased with it. Easy to get on and off. Easy to assemble. No hospital looking apparatus in your bathroom, looks like a modern piece of furniture. Questions from my house guests start great conversations. I recommend this product to everyone I know.
Worth every penny !!!
Lisa, (Canada)

My Lillipad arrived last week in excellent shape. Thanks for the fast shipment.
And, I have assembled it. That went very well. Everything fits together very nicely.
And, I have used it. So far so good ... Better than good ...Terrific actually.
Timothy, (US)

As you know, I have a Squatty Potty. Well, I prefer the Lillipad to the Squatty Potty by a significant margin. The Lillipad is actually easier to get situated on initially. But, its real advantage is that it allows for a much more complete squatting posture. That's what I was hoping would be true, and it is. So, functionally, the nod goes to the Lillipad. It's not even close.
Obviously, the SP is a lot cheaper. But, that doesn't really count for much since the thing doesn't function as effectively. The SP doesn't require any assembly either, but that also is not a big deal in my book. So, I'm very pleased that you guys invented this device.
I also appreciate the Lillipad's careful design and nice workmanship. Also, it is very stable, that’s no small thing either.
Again, thanks very much for the nice product. Much appreciated.
Tim, (Ohio)

I'm loving this thing!!
beautifully crafted product! How do I write a review?
I think you're advice to give it a few weeks before I ponder changing anything is a good one...
thanks rob...keep up the GREAT work! Thank everyone there for me!
Mike, (US)

I bought a Lillipad from you a few years ago and love it. I work from home and my clients use the toilet where I have the Lillipad. They have never commented on it. I thought there would be at least one brave person asking me what it is, but no go.
Eventually one client mentioned how well I do the squat asana in yoga and I told her it was because of using the Lillipad. Now I want some brochures to hand out or even a small poster advertising Lillipad to place in my loo. Is it possible for you to send me some of your advertising material please. It could be good for business (yours and theirs).
Leanne Waters, Kinesiologist, (Australia)

Thanks for sending the Lillipad promptly. It arrived in good condition. Your wood work is excellent. It assembled well. I am impressed with its design and sturdiness. It's a cut above what I'm used to seeing. It exceeded my expectations. Thanks again,
Ron, (Canada)

Review for your site! I came across these platforms somewhere online and was so intrigued. I researched it over a couple of days and found the Lillipad, well it was a clear winner in looks and design. When it arrived and I assembled it, I couldn't wait to try it. It was easy and fun to assemble too!
It did take 2 weeks for my hips to relax enough to truly enjoy it and now I can just relax and do my business in half the time it used to take! love it! Just throw a bit of toilet paper in the bottom before you go and its all good! Thanks Lillipadsters! LOVE YOUR WORK!
Nick, (Blue Mountains NSW Australia)

I am thrilled with my Lillipad Squatting Stool.
I received it recently on 21March 2013 and was able to assemble it easily.
I do yoga daily so am already quite flexible.
I can describe the feeling when I am using it ' It just feels right '.
My body is in it's natural position as nature intended.
I now have ' peace of mind ' knowing that I am giving my body the very best care and correcting any poor posture of the past.
I thoroughly recommend Lillipad to everyone because there are positions for people who are not so flexible that will still impact their overall health if they use the foot stool as per the Website information.
Thank you Lillipad for your excellent construction and for making this desirable product available for New Zealanders and for International countries also. Warmest Wishes,
Elizabeth, (New Zealand)

I just wanted to let you know that we got the Lillipad without any problems, and that wow, it is a beautiful piece of work! It's just really well designed and made (nice wood!). I appreciate its stability too, especially as it doubles as a stool for our 2 year old. It's more stable than the stool I had before for her to climb onto the toilet. She now enjoys climbing onto her mini-toilet seat she can close down herself, and puts her feet on the Lillipad for fun. One day she made a library out of it, bringing her "little stool" (the normal one she used to use) in front of it, and a handful of books. She sat on the Lillipad step and read some books on the other stool. There's a new use for it!
As for us, we're adapting to frog life over the toilet ;) I believe that squatting is the proper way for the body to eliminate, so it's nice to have the Lillipad. I do have to hang onto something myself, as I'm in my 37th week of pregnancy, and easy prey to be toppled over.
So thanks for your Lillipad! Wonderful product!
Yael, (USA)

I am most impressed by the quality of your product.
I was initially apprehensive about the assembly but the accompanying instructions are clear and concise.
My family have taken to the 'Lillipad' like ducks take to water, quite naturally.
Many thanks. Warm regards,
Warren, (South Africa)

I’m getting along well with the Lillipad, after very sore muscles and tendons at the back of my legs! I haven’t put on the extension as I don’t think I would be able to step on to the higher height, it is fine as it is. I will be 78 in December and i injured my left knee about 10 months ago so can't step up with that leg. I have a prolapsed bowel so I feel the Lillipad will be a great help to me. I still find it easier to pass urine sitting.
Regards Pam, (NZ)

Thought I would just let you know that we LOVE our Lillypad!! It is life-changing and yes we seem to always be talking about how great it is!
Thank you! Kind regards,
Nathalie & Luke, (Australia)

Just wanted to let you know, I received the lillipad a couple of weeks ago.  Just wanted to tell you that it works perfectly.  The instructions to put it together were very easy to follow and it fits perfectly around our toilet.  It is very comfortable to use.  I might need to purchase another one for our other toilet. Thank you!  
Natalie, (Texas)

Thanks for the Lillipad which I received and have assembled and put to good use. I like its elegant design, neat sawing and nifty good looks, and its price is excellent value, considering its capabilities. Also rec'd the plans for the squarish model, thank you.
Thanks for your efforts and service. Regards,
Arthur, (Australia)

I had been bleeding with every single BM for six months. The first time I squatted, no blood, and no blood since then. It is amazing. This is how they use the toilet in developing countries, and it is how our bodies are made to defecate. It is so much easier on our bodies to do it this way. At first, I just stood on the toilet seat and squatted, but that's a little difficult. I decided to invest in a Lillipad squatting platform, which is expensive but worth every penny.

Just wanted to say thank you for the Lillipad - I'm extremely impressed with it so far — it's a great design. It's definitely going to take me a while to get to full squat flexibility back after 25+ years but it will definitely be worth it.
I'm already experiencing significant benefits from the use of the lillipad.
Thanks again!
Phill, (New Zealand)

Good morning my friend. Mate, been using the Lillypad for couple weeks now, and all i can say is....EUREKA !!!
Robert thank you. I now understand the immense benefit of the squat position, and the part it plays in my overall health. You have truly helped me,... and will be telling family and friends about this convenient solution... no doubt they will be asking me what that stylish wooden sculpture like item is in the bathroom.
Upon assembly, its easy to appreciate the craftsmanship of a person with skill and purpose, it looks great my friend, incredibly light, I wasn't sure initially whether i had received the entire delivery when i saw the thin box it all neatly arrived in, but there it all is, your right, it is incredibly strong... and easy to assemble !! appreciated the instructions, they were a great guide... masterfully designed my friend, well done.
thank you Robert, i really appreciate it.
Carlos, (Australia)

Many thanks for the fast delivery of the lillipad. I assembled it straight away not taking too long. It is very comfortable on the feet and it is easy to get on and off. It adds to my new health regime. But the wife is not convinced yet.
Mark, (US)

It is an extremely elegant device and prepared for reconstruction to perfection. If other systems were in use, the Lillipad presents some initial challenges in usage.
I am better off with your appliance. The Lillipad is leading to position of a ski jumper on the slide phase. There is benefit coming from the fact that the heel is touching the bowl = extra perceptual feedback to the brain. Obviously with this system an individual with limited dorsiflexion in the ankle can put their heel on the bowl. After full adaptation = relaxed muscles, rearranges lower back muscles, and places left thigh on sigmoid making the act easier and natural. Mind, the wide squatting position is advised against weight lifting, but beneficial for opening bowels.
It is my feeling squatting of this kind helps in rehabilitation of knee conditions...at times (it has helped my knees after bilateral arthroscopic surgery).
Witold Falkowski, MD. Orthopedic and trauma surgeon (retired) Hemel Hempstead G.H., London —75 years old, (UK)

continued later ...

As you have produced the most aesthetic product in the field I feel 'obligated' to send you some longer time feedback.
1) At the beginning of using the system my feet were getting black and blue.By now they are relatively pink over the procedure = rearrangement of neurovascular bundle in popliteal fosse of the femur.
2) Definitely full voiding of urinary bladder takes place in the procedure. Persistent residual volume is a source of urinary infection particularly of the elder man.
3) Forward bending of the lumbar spine opens facet joints creating negative pressure therefore oxygenation of the joint fluid which is feeding cartilages = anti osteoarthritic element.

Those events even once a day improve unquestionably health of the humanoid.
Kindest regards, Witold.

My wife loves it. Says best Xmas present ever!
Norman, (USA) 

It's working Rob! Thanks!
Jose, (Spain)

Well, we’ve had the two Lillipads in constant use for half a year now (one in the warehouse, one at home) and the feedback has been very good.
Paul, Yogamatters, (UK)

Just wanted to let you know we received our Lillipad on Thursday last week. We absolutely love it!! Thank you so much! Just one question, what is the oil you use in the finish? I really like that smell! I have no problem giving an endorsement for the Lillipad. Its easy when I don't have to stretch the truth. I really love that it is made with more natural materials, and is easy to setup and extremely comfortable to use. Not to mention the great price. Thanks again for an excellent product. :)
Dan, (Canada)

Got the platform right after Christmas. Put it together a week later. It was easy (my 5 year-old daughter helped). Though it took me a few tries to really trust the stability of the Lillipad, because of the lightweight construction, I am now happily squatting and enjoying the already obvious benefits — along with my wife and two kids, who are now former skeptics.
Bruce, (Germany)

Just a note to let you know we received our Lillipad on Saturday. David my husband has put it together and we both think it is great!! Thank you, it is a work of art.
Kim, (USA)

My Lillipad arrived safe and sound at the end of last week and was expertly put together by my Dad.  Just wanted to let you know that it is great and I am so happy with the money I spent to buy it.  Easy enough for me to get used to as I was already squatting on the toilet seats ... and the Lillipad is so much more comfortable and the position more natural. 
Thanks very much for the excellent service.  Not sure how many other people in my life will be interested in getting themselves a Lillipad, but I will certainly recommend it should the conversation turn to such things ... which is actually not too uncommon for me. 
Jo, (NZ)

Awesome product, I am 105 kg and the Lillipad is stable as under my weight. Cheers,
Mark, (NZ)

Of the few platforms offered, I think yours is the most pleasing to look at and also the most practical. It's working out real well. No more bothersome hemorrhoids!
E.S, (California)

I lived and worked in Asia for a number of years before retiring back here, so had to be adept at using squat toilet facilities on numerous occasions. The Lillipad, obviously, is the answer now!
Jon, (New Zealand)

Received and all assembled... kids say they think its crazy but have spied them using it!
Thanks again
Alexis, (Australia)

The lillipad is up and running. I assembled the minute it arrived I love the look of it and get a real buzz out of new well designed things It is very well made and STABLE. Thank you so much I will show it off and generate ongoing work for your excellent tradespeople.
Sally, (Australia)

After much research, your product seems the absolute solution, not only physiologically, but also aesthetically pleasing and not cumbersome for the home. I have hemorrhoid surgery pending and am researching and making other lifestyle changes at this time. I  will need a platform "asap", but don't want to order one of the other bulky, "ugly" ones if I don't have to.
Melanie, (USA)

We bought one of your Lillipads.........really one word for it: perfect. It's the greatest. We also have two Nature's Platforms, but I much prefer yours.
Chris, (California)

When I went into John's bathroom, what I saw blew my mind. A house I had built in Colorado in the '70 by accident had a built in capability such as the one you provide with the Lillipad. Since them I have been trying to figure out how to make one that would work in with "regular" toilet. I just love what you have created. I am only sorry that we did not get a chance to meet. I had intended to buy at least one of these from you to bring home with me.
Yoram, (Israel)

The Lillipad is awesome! We love it so much already :)
I've already had a lot of clients wanting more info from me about when and how to order their Lillipads.
Alana, (Australia) 

Just got my Lillipad and I love it. It was fun and easy to assemble. I liked the extra nice smelling oil to give an extra coat for protection.
I think it will just sit permanently in front of my toilet. I can't see it getting in the way, even if someone else doesn’t want to use it whilst going to the toilet.
I am wondering why I cannot find you on Facebook! I for one would share, share, share your page and anything you shared on it. Please start a Facebook page!
Nick, NSW, (Australia)

thanks lillipad
i ordered one last year
love it
and am sending one to my sister
i am a raw foodie and aware of my whole bowel in and out flow as part of
my health
i think your product is well built
not hospitally looking and squatting rocks
thanks for taking care of this
Howard, (USA)

Good morning New Zealand,
I discovered your lillipad in a wonderful place, while on holidays, in Oamaru : the Old Bones !! and I was enchanted !! 
Zinovia, (Belgium)

Just got my Lillipad today and am de-Lighted. Thanks so much! It really beats the very heavy stool that i had in front of my toilet for about 20 years or so. My friends who aren't into keeping their knees up when using the toilet, will also be happy,"cause now they don't have to try to figure out how to get my heavy stool out of the way. So you have brightened the day of many.
Gayna, (USA)

Hi, I stumbled onto your site after 1/2 hour googling toilet/step/stair/squat, and who knows how many other combinations of those words, and I was really excited. I have ordered a lillipad, and paid via paypal, which is extremely convenient. I'm wondering if you have brochures that you could include in my parcel, I know my colon hydrotherapist will be delighted to see your product, and may refer other clients to you. I am so looking forward to throwing out the plastic buckets that I'm using now to psuedo-squat with! I'm not sure how you go about making a site easier to google onto, but I'm really glad I didn't give up! Thank you
Libby, (Australia)

My husband gave me (well it was sort of a house warming present for us) a Lillipad last year. Its great and I want to buy one for a friend here in Australia.

I got the Lillipad, assembled it, all is fine and thanks for a good and quality product.
Love the fact that you've taken the time to assemble it and dis-assemble it before shipping it. Best Regards,
Lucian, (Canada)

This is actually our 2nd lillipad. The other is in HK and being v missed :)
Alexis, (Australia)

Thanks, I got my Lillipad in the mail a few days ago and am very happy with it so far. Best regards
Sandra (Switzerland)

Thank you. It arrived today and have already caught my 4 year old squatting on it! He was very excited and it looked completely natural for him.
Sara, (New Zealand)

I well received the Lillipad and started to use it right away :) Really love it! Beautiful wood craft as well. Thank you for the good work!
Johanne, (France)


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